Ukrtransgaz reported on the amount of gas in underground storage

JSC Ukrtransgaz reported that at the beginning of November, the volume of gas in underground storage facilities in Ukraine amounted to 18 billion cubic meters. m. This is 36% less than last year.

In October of this year, 0.7 billion cubic meters of gas were physically withdrawn from Ukrainian underground storage facilities. This figure is 3.5 times higher than last year. This difference is due to two factors. First, this year's selection season started two weeks earlier than last year. Second, in the fall, non-resident companies re-exported part of their stocks to further sell on the EU gas market during peak gas prices.

As of November 1, 2021, foreign traders store 2 billion cubic meters of gas in the customs warehouse mode. This is 5 times less compared to the same period last year. Of these, 1.6 billion cubic meters of gas were accumulated in the short-haul mode. Companies-residents store 0.7 billion cubic meters of gas in the customs warehouse mode, which is 1.5 times less than in 2020. Of these, the volume transferred to the UGS facility in the short-haul mode is 0.6 billion cubic meters of gas.

As reported, Ukrtransgaz plans to invest billions in the gas storage system.

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