The Ministry of Energy will present a Roadmap for the development of hydrogen energy in Ukraine

Deputy Energy Minister Olha Buslavets said that Ukraine, together with Germany, continued to implement hydrogen energy projects, UNN reports.

Ukraine has a huge potential for the production of "green" hydrogen as an effective tool for the "green" transition, and Germany is one of the leaders in hydrogen technologies.

“In January 2021, the Roadmap for Ukraine's hydrogen energy should be submitted. The next step is the development of the Concept for the development of hydrogen energy by 2050 with the main tasks for the production, transportation, storage and use of hydrogen,” she said.

Buslavets added that within the framework of the Energy Partnership, the Ministry of Energy, together with German partners, has developed several projects. All of them are aimed at fulfilling the global and national goals of the decarbonization and green transition strategy.

“The implementation of the proposed projects will contribute to balancing the generation of renewable energy sources, allow the use of clean fuel for municipal transport, decarbonize industrial production, and also have the export potential,” Buslavets said.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine would host the first regional renewable investment forum under the auspices of IRENA.

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