Vitrenko: US Congress is able to stop Nord Stream 2 by imposition of further sanctions

The imposition of further sanctions, which are now under consideration by the US Congress, can stop the Nord Stream 2 project even at the current stage of its implementation, said Yurii Vitrenko, Chairman of the Board of the National Joint Stock Company Naftogaz of Ukraine, in a commentary to Bloomberg, the press service of NJSC Naftogaz reports.

"Additional US sanctions, which are now being considered by both houses of Congress, can still stop the construction of Nord Stream 2," he said.

Yurii Vitrenko emphasized that the actions of the US and the EU regarding the Kremlin's geopolitical project are a real indicator of the West's commitment to its own principles. "The completion of Nord Stream 2 will mean a victory for Putin and a blow to the US authority in Eastern Europe," said the Chairman of the Board of Naftogaz.

He added that the construction of this bypass pipeline would open the door to full-scale military aggression by Russia since gas transit through Ukraine is currently a powerful deterrent. “The worst-case scenario for the completion of Nord Stream 2 is not just the loss of a significant part of the GDP for Ukraine from 2024, but also a significant risk of a full-scale war,” concluded Yurii Vitrenko.

To recap, the representative of the State Department said that the US administration intended to continue to impose sanctions against Nord Stream 2.

As reported, the offshore section of the first line of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is mechanically completed.

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