Vitrenko said the Ministry of Energy had a different solution concerning the gas price

Acting Energy Minister Yurii Vitrenko said that the Ministry of Energy advocated a more systematic regulation of gas prices for the population, Ekonomichna Pravda reports.

“The Ministry’s approach is more sustainable, more market-friendly. But, unfortunately, another approach, supported by Naftogaz, was adopted,” he said.

According to him, the government has set the maximum price for gas at UAH 6.99 per cubic meter, but gas supply companies can supply gas to the population at a lower price.

“Perhaps they bought gas in the summer when it was much cheaper. Perhaps they have contracts or relationships with producers whose prime cost is less than UAH 6.99. So they might want to keep their customers. Or it is also possible that they will be received by Naftogaz, which will sell gas cheaper than UAH 6.99 so they can supply it to their customers at a marginal price,” Vitrenko explained.

Earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers published a decree to restrain the gas price for the population.


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