The US authorities have prepared new sanctions against Nord Stream 2

The US authorities have prepared additional sanctions against the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 2.

The restrictions will affect all insurance and certification companies if they help Gazprom complete the project. Representatives of the House of Representatives and the US Senate agreed on this, according to Bloomberg.

Sanctions against such companies are planned to be included in the defense draft law for 2021. The document is going to be adopted by the end of the year.

These measures will not affect the German officials who support the project. According to Senator Bob Menendez, the chief Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee, the sanctions will not affect Germany, as it is a US ally.

How this will affect Nord Stream 2

The media notes that the new restrictions will further complicate the launch of the gas pipeline. If its certification is limited, then Nord Stream 2 AG (the operator of the construction of Nord Stream 2) will have to find a certification agency ready to be subject to sanctions.

The Russian expert on the oil and gas market, Mykhaylo Krutikhin said that Russia could not complete Nord Stream 2, therefore, the Kremlin's plans to deprive Ukraine of gas transit through it failed. It will have to continue to use the services of Ukraine.

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