The Pentagon emits more greenhouse gases than Portugal

According to a study by Brown University in the United States, in 2017, the Pentagon emitted 59 million tons of carbon dioxide. These figures are higher than in many smaller countries, such as Sweden and Portugal. It is reported by The Guardian.

The author of the study, Neti Crawford, says that if the Pentagon were a country, it would be the 55th in the ranking of the largest sources of harmful emissions in the world. 70% of the energy consumption of the United States Department of Defense headquarters comes from the burning of jet and diesel fuel.

In a January congressional report, the Pentagon called climate change a “national security issue” and proposed a number of initiatives. The researcher notes that it was thanks to the increase in the efficiency of its transport and switching to cleaner sources of energy at the bases of the Pentagon, fuel consumption significantly reduced since 2009.

The issue notes that China is the world's largest source of carbon dioxide emissions. It is followed by the United States, which in 2017 withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement, India and Russia.


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