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Destruction of the oil industry of Venezuela is beneficial for Russia

The “Rosneft” company is the largest investor in the oil industry of Venezuela. Russian oil company invested about $6 billion in the economy of the Latin American state.

“Ukrnafta” is outraged by the fact that the subsoil became a "bargaining chip" in corruption schemes, and demands to stop the arbitrariness in the Arkon

Employees of “Ukrnafta” report that central executive authorities prevent the extension and obtaining special licenses for the use of subsoil.

Venezuela transferred income from oil sale in Gazprom bank

Due to the US sanctions against Venezuela “PDVSA” oil company started to transfer accounts in Russia Gazprombank.

Turkey detains Russian tankers carrying oil

Turkey changed the maritime rules through the Bosporus and The Dardanelles. It led to delays in the supply of oil from Russia to Europe.

Due to American sanctions, the level of oil production abs supply declined in Venezuela

Oil exports from Venezuela declined sharply after the imposing of US sanctions against the state owned oil producing company Petroleo de Venezuela SA (PDVSA).

Norwegian oil and gas company platforms will run on wind power

The oil and gas company Equinor plans to provide electricity to its platforms in the North Sea using wind generators.

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