Oil Sector News

Belarus may build a hub for checking oil quality from Russia

Minsk expects to coordinate oil supplies for 2020 with the Russian Federation by the end of the year.

Venezuela may transfer oil state company to Russia – media

In exchange for it, the Russian Federation will “forgive” the debts of the state PDVSA.

The United States predicts an increase in shale oil production in November

Production will increase by 58 thousand barrels.

Work on blocked deposits in Ecuador was resumed

Previously, protesters blocked oil production.

The National Energy and Regulatory Commission approved new tariffs for oil transmission

The Regulator will increase the tariff in three stages.

Iranian oil tanker damaged by explosions near Saudi port city

Owner says two blasts onboard Sabiti were ‘probably caused by missile strikes’

Oil Sector Analytics

Oil price dynamics against the backdrop of tensions in the Middle East

After trading on September 16, the futures of benchmark oil, Brent and WTI increased by 12.4% and 14.7% respectively

Dynamics of oil transportation in Ukraine (August 2019)

In August 2019, oil transmission by Ukrainian pipelines increased by 27.9%

Dynamics of oil and gas production in the US, Russia and Saudi Arabia

U.S. petroleum and natural gas production increased by 16% and by 12%, respectively, in 2018.

The dynamics of oil prices. US-China Trade Relations

Compared to July 31, oil prices fell down on 13%.