Energy resources imports into Ukraine

Over the past six months, a lot of news publications were published, which concerned restrictions on the export of Russian goods into Ukraine, or an increase in the volume of natural gas imports in Ukraine. In order to sum up the results of foreign trade in energy resources, we will analyze the data of the State Fiscal Service.

The state and entrepreneurs purchased 10.578.7 thousand tons of coal (UKTZED – 2701) in January-June 2019. Compared to the same period last year, the volume of purchases declined by 4.6% (-505 thousand tons). The total cost of purchased coal is $1.476 million.

Key contractors were:

• Russian Federation – 62.39% (of the total cost of the imported resource);
• US – 31.76%;
• Kazakhstan – 4.22%;
• Others – 1.63%.

In the first half of the year, imports of crude oil (UKTZED code –2709) decreased by 23.3% (-96.9 thousand tons), and amounted to 319.6 thousand tons. The final cost of imported oil amounted to $165 million.

The trading partners of crude oil were:

• Azerbaijan – 96.83%;
• Kazakhstan – 1.57%;
• Latvia – 1.40%;
• Others – 0.20%.

At the same time, the volume of purchases of petroleum products (UKTZED code – 2710) during the previous 6 months increased by 13.2% (+452.3 thousand tons) to 3 868.6 thousand tons. The total cost of petroleum products delivered to Ukraine is $2.454 million.

Petroleum products were bought from such countries as:

• Russian Federation – 42.92%;
• Belarus – 35.98%;
• Lithuania – 10.80%;
• Others – 10.30%.

And, of course, the volume of natural gas imports grew significantly during the previous 6 months. According to expert estimates, in order to provide the necessary pressure for gas pumping from the UGSFs, it is necessary to accumulate at least 20 billion cubic meters of gas. 5 639.2 million cubic meters of natural gas was imported from January to the end of June, which is by 27.9% more (+1 231.4 million cubic meters) than last year.

Natural gas is still purchased from European partners:

• Slovakia – 59.6%;
• Hungary – 27.9%;
• Poland – 12.5

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