Energy consumption in Ukraine in March

According to the State Statistics Service, consumption of liquefied natural gas and diesel fuel increased in March in Ukraine. The data are presented in comparison with the relevant periods of 2019.

The consumption of liquefied gas on the wholesale market continued to grow. However, the growth rate slowed significantly – in January it amounted to 17.3%, compared to January 2019, in February it was already 14.8%, and in March it was +10.2%.

Demand for diesel fuel also continued to grow compared to last year, but, unlike liquefied gas, unevenly. In January the rate was +6.1%, in February – +10.1%, in March – +9.3%.

The most impressive changes occurred with the demand for fuel oil during three months of 2020. The January surge – + 111.7%, in February it fell to a modest +1.8%, and in March it even became negative – -25.8%.

Gasoline is stable in its fall: January – -5.4%, February – -2%, March – -3.8%.

The same situation with gas. March did not meet expectations for traditional snowfalls, but Ukrainians, out of habit, continued to save fuel. January –  -10.3%, February – -2.9%, March – -7.4%.

Coal, despite rising demand in February, continues its sad path down. January – -24.2%, February –  -4.7%, March – -22.7%.

Retail sales of fuel in Ukraine are growing steadily in 2020. However, quarantine restrictions announced on March 17 slowed it down.

Prior to quarantine, liquefied gas had showed the most impressive indicators: January – +33.7%, February – +37.5%, March – +18.1%.

Diesel fuel at gas stations was also in demand: January – +25.9%, February – +38.4%, March – +25.1%.

Gasoline was the most modest in its indicators: January – +12.2%, February – +21.1%, March – +8.1%.

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