Oil transportation by Ukrainian pipelines

oil transit

In April 2019 Ukrainian pipelines transmitted 1040 thousand tons of oil (-25.1% compared to the last month). 848.6 of which were transited to European countries and 191.7 thousand tons were delivered to refineries. It should be noted, that transit in April 2019 was the smallest since April 2018, when the figure was 963 thousand tons (decreased by 7.9%), of which 798 thousand tons (-6.3%) were transported to Europe and 164.9 – to Ukrainian refineries (-16.2%).

The key factor affected oil transportation on the territory of Ukraine was the refusal of European partners to buy Russian oil on April 25 because of non-compliance with standards. According to the research, it was found that oil from Russia contains an increased mass fraction of organic chlorides. As a result of the incident, in the oil pipelines of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Poland 5 million tons of oil that does not meet quality standards were accumulated.

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