Ukraine began to use more gasoline and liquefied gas

In the first half of 2021, in comparison with the same period last year, Ukraine used more gasoline and liquefied propane/butane. Gas consumption decreased during the warm period, while coal consumption remained almost unchanged, according to the data of Ukrstat.

A particularly noticeable increase in gasoline consumption in this half of the year occurred in April – 157 thousand tons vs 125 thousand tons last year. In May-June, gasoline consumption also grew compared to 2020.

Ukraine also began to consume more propane and liquefied butane since April compared to last year - 100, 110 and 124 thousand tons in April, May and June 2021, respectively, against 93, 107 and 115 thousand tons in the same months last year.

But the Ukrainians consumed more natural gas in January-March this year than in the past. But since April, it has been significantly reduced compared to last year. Especially in June – 1059 thousand tons this year against 1634 last year.

Coal was consumed more than a year earlier, in March - 3411 thousand tons against 2934. In other months the difference is insignificant.

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