Oil Sector News

Oil prices continue to rise: Brent is trading above $85

Over the past week, Brent went up by 3%, WTI – by 3.7%.

Oil prices are increasing again

Brent and WTI could rise more than 2% at the end of the week.

Oil prices decline moderately

Many analysts still believe that the sharp rise in gas and coal prices will lead to an increase in demand for petroleum products.

Oil prices show stable growth, OPEC+ has no plans to increase production yet

Brent price went up by about 20% since mid-August when the energy crisis began to intensify.

Oil prices hit their highs in several years

Over the past week, the price of WTI went up by more than 5%, showing growth for the seventh week in a row.

Oil prices increase

Brent is trading above $82 a barrel.

Brent went down to $80.78 per barrel

Oil quotations continued to decline on Thursday after dropping nearly 2%.

Brent crude is trading above $82 per barrel

The decision of OPEC+ to keep the previously adopted plan to increase oil production was a positive factor for the market in recent days.

After the OPEC+ decision, oil prices are trading at a maximum in 7 years

The OPEC+ countries considered several scenarios for increasing oil production.

Drilling of a new well at the Verkhneomaslivetske field

Ukrnafta has started drilling an oil well at the Verkhneomaslivetske field in Skole district of Lviv region.

Thousands of tons of oil spilled into the ocean in Southern California

Experts are trying to determine the cause of the leak in Orange County.

Brent price went down again

Traders are waiting for the next meeting of the OPEC+ countries.