Oil Sector News

Ukrtransnafta received more than €4 million compensation from Russia for low-quality oil

For seven months, the company received € 4.2 million.

Karpatnaftokhim will resume import of straight-run gasoline from the Russian Federation

The plant imports 50 thousand tons of raw materials.

The first batch of Libyan oil has arrived in Ukraine

The port of Odesa unloaded the first batch of oil on the Ukrainian market from Libya.

The growth of oil imports will not reduce gas prices for Ukrainians – analyst

Petroleum product prices in Ukraine depend on European quotes.

Oil imports to Ukraine is increasing

The volume of oil refining at Kremenchuk refinery is 190-240 thousand tons/month this year.

Iran discovered a huge oil field

The field is estimated at approximately at 53 billion barrels.

Saudi Aramco may receive up to $10 billion investment from China

In such a way, China may expand its influence in the Persian Gulf.

The first tanker with Libyan oil will arrive to Odesa

88.5 thousand of oil will arrive to the port for Kremenchuk refinery.

Kazakhstan introduced a temporary ban on the export of oil products by road

The Department of Energy has banned exports for 6 months.

Ukrnafta's net income has decreased by 5.7 billion UAH for 9 months of 2019

During this period, the company was working at a loss.

The State Audit Office reported about a denial of access to conduct an audit in Ukrnafta

The last scheduled audit was in 2010.

Saudi Arabia partially privatizes the largest oil company

Shares of Saudi Arabian Oil Co. will be placed on the stock exchange, which will attract $100 billion to the country's budget.