Oil Sector News

Iranian companies sign eight agreements to boost oil production

Iran plans to produce 4.5 million barrels of oil and gas condensate per day in 2021.

Brent price decreased to $56.16 per barrel

Benchmark oil prices declined on Friday despite expectations of new measures to support the US economy.

Brent crude oil went down to $55.87 per barrel

Despite the US Department of Energy data on the reduction of oil stocks in the country, quotations fell.

Oil price hikes: Brent went up to $57.28 per barrel

WTI futures have risen in price continuously for six consecutive sessions.

Brent went down to $55.56 per barrel

Oil quotations are decreasing because of a possible increase in supply on the market due to the inflow of new volumes of shale oil from the United States.

Total received permission to explore in Egypt

An international consortium has signed an agreement for exploration and production offshore North Ras Kanayis.

Brent is trading at $55.44 per barrel

Brent price went down due to the strengthening of the dollar.

Mine found on hull of oil tanker off the coast of Iraq

A large magnetic mine was found on a tanker anchored by a client of the Iraqi state oil company SOMO.

Brent rises in price in anticipation of OPEС+ decisions

Oil prices are rising in anticipation of OPEC+ decisions on oil production in February.

Brent price went up to $51.25 on data on declining US stocks

Since early December, oil prices went up by almost 6% due to investor optimism over the coronavirus vaccines onset.

Brent crude oil rose to $51.12 per barrel

On Tuesday oil quotations rise on optimism about new stimulus measures in the US.

Minsk and Moscow will sign oil supply contracts by the end of the year

Prime Minister of Belarus Roman Golovchenko expects Minsk and Moscow to conclude all oil supply contracts by the end of 2020.