Oil Sector News

Two oil tankers were attacked in the Gulf of Oman – oil prices spiked 4%

Two oil tankers were attacked in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday. Oil prices spiked 4% in response to the attacks.

The first Swiss AVIA filling station has opened in Ukraine

The filling station is located in Svyatoshinsky district of Kyiv.

Luhansk TPP may be switched to gas or to import anthracite from alternative sources

Such options are possible if Russia does not extend the shipment of coal to thermal power plants.

Greek investors are interested in bidding on Ukrainian oil and gas fields

Earlier, the Cabinet of ministers approved a decree on auctions by electronic trading for the sale of special licenses for the use of subsoil.

Karpatneftekhim began importing raw materials by sea because of Russian restrictions

On June 8-9, Karpatneftekhim petrochemical plant delivered a tanker with 30 thousand tons of straight-run gasoline from Bulgaria to the port of Odessa.

Russia has not yet decided to extend the transaction OPEC +

A meeting of energy ministers of the countries participating in the agreement on limiting oil production will be held on June 25.

Greenpeace activists board BP oil rig as it is towed out to sea

Greenpeace activists have boarded an oil rig in the Cromarty Firth in protest at plans by BP to drill new oil wells in the North Sea.

Poland resumed pumping Russian oil through the Druzhba pipeline

Oil pumping in the PERN system was resumed on Sunday morning.

Russia began negotiations on damage because of “dirty” oil

It involves Transneft, the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and buyers of Russian oil.

The ban on the export of coal and oil products from Russia to Ukraine became effective

Separate permits are now required to export some products.

Poland increased oil supplies by sea because of troubles with Druzhba pipeline

Polish processing companies announced that they would supply factories with sea batches of raw materials.

13 companies applied for the tender on production sharing agreements – three of them are foreign

At the beginning of the year, 9 oil and gas areas were put up for tender on production sharing agreements (PSAs). The minimum investment amounts to 450 million UAH.