Keystone XL pipeline halted as Biden moves to cancel permit

US President Joe Biden signed a decree halting the Keystone XL pipeline construction, which refers to the section on the border between Canada and the United States, Angi reports.

The Keystone XL project includes constructing an oil pipeline with a length of 1.9 thousand kilometres and a capacity of more than 800 thousand barrels per day from Canada's largest oil-producing province of Alberta to oil refineries on the Gulf Coast. The Donald Trump administration has consistently supported the pipeline.

In April 2020, the Montana District Court blocked permission previously issued to the US Army Corps of Engineers allowing new pipelines to cross water bodies. This was another blow to the Keystone XL construction project. Subsequently, the US Supreme Court dismissed the application of the US administration and developer of the TC Energy project to overturn the lower court's decision.

In 2015, then-President of the United States, Barack Obama, abandoned the construction of the pipeline, announcing that it was contrary to the United States' national interests. After, Trump signed a decree to resume the building.

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