By the end of the year Belarus plans to start alternative to Russia oil imports

By the end of 2019, the Belarusian Oil Company expects to create alternative to Russia oil imports through the ports of the Baltic States and Ukraine. It was stated by the company's deputy general director Serhiy Hryb in Minsk.

“We expect to start deliveries this year (through seaports — ed.)”, said Hryb.

“Yes, they (ports – ed.) are very interested if we allow an additional flow of oil through the ports of either Ukraine or the Baltic States. It is additional earnings for them”, he added.

Commenting on the possible directions of import, Hryb noted that “everything will depend on the conditions that will give us the neighboring countries for transshipment and transportation”.

“Either the Baltic ports, or Odessa, or a combination. The Mozyr Oil Refinery is closer to Ukraine, so, it is quite possible if the Mozyr Oil Refinery will import oil through Ukraine. Naftan is closer to the Baltic ports, so, it is logical to consider the ports of the Baltic Sea”, he said.

If oil is imported by sea through the port of Odessa, the Odessa-Brody pipeline may be involved for subsequent transportation.

The supplier of oil has not yet been determined, but Hryb called the supply from Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria as possible options.

Belarusian refineries can process 18 grades of oil, Hryb noted.

“There may be supplies from Azerbaijan. Most likely there are no from Iran because of sanctions. We can process oil from Saudi Arabia, Nigerian oil can also be refined”, he said.

It was reported earlier that due to the deterioration of oil quality, the Belarusian concern Belneftekhim limited the export of gasoline and diesel.

Source: epravda


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