Belarus has restricted exports of petroleum products due to oil problems

Due to the deterioration of oil quality, the Belarusian concern Belneftekhim limited the export of gasoline and diesel. Belta reports it with reference to the words of the deputy chairman of concern Volodymyr Sizov.

“Taking into account the sowing campaign, the existing risks of processing raw materials with degraded quality, we have decided to temporarily limit the supply of petroleum products to export destinations”, the publication quotes Sizov's words.

On April 19, Belneftekhim for the first time announced a deterioration in the quality of Urals export oil flowing through a pipeline from Russia. Separate tests showed excess of permissible norm of chlorides in 100 times.

In this regard, Belneftekhim requested an official meeting with representatives of Transneft.

On April 21, the Vedomosti newspaper, referring to Vestnik Naftana, reported that the Russian company Transneft acknowledged the fact of the supply of low-quality oil to Belarus.

It was reported earlier that the Russian government has restricted exports to Ukraine of Russian oil and petroleum products. Some goods can be imported into Ukraine only after a special permit.

Source: epravda

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