Belarus resumes oil export

The head of Belneftekhim concern Andrei Rybakov announced the resumption of export of oil products, Economic Truth reports.

“It was a short period of suspension. The suspension is canceled. Although we have not yet reached the export volumes that were prescribed in the business plan. But export is not banned for us”, Rybakov said.

He also noted that the company will primarily focus on the nearest markets for export.

“Further, logistics begins to take effect”, he said. Of course, the nearest markets will be most effective. Further implementation – through ports to the far perimeter – will already proceed from the market conditions to which we will supply. And in general, from the conjuncture of world prices for oil products. But effective markets are national and close. We will focus on them”.

In early January Belarus suspended the supply of oil produced in the country due to a shortage of raw materials at its own refineries. Belarus buys Russian raw materials for refining at its plants, while almost all of the oil that is produced in the country is exported.

Earlier it was reported that the Belarusian Oil Company had bought 80 thousand tons of Norwegian oil. President Alexander Lukashenko said that it was also planned to import 30% of oil through Ukraine.

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