The fight against counterfeit fuel: the SFS told about the most popular gray schemes (video)

This is stated in a video about the fight against the shadow market of fuels and lubricants, which was published on the Facebook page of Head of the SFS Vadym Melnyk, Kosatka.Media reports.

The State Fiscal Service explained the fuel market for "shadow companies" is one of the most profitable places, where they earn billions of hryvnias every month. All this money does not contribute to the budget. Some of the schemes are discussed in the video.

“Let's the price of a litre of fuel be UAH 30. Of these, UAH 5 is the earnings of the gas station. The rest is received by the supplier company. These conditional UAH 25 include the cost of purchasing fuel from a manufacturer or importer, profit and, most importantly, for us – the excise tax of UAH 7 per litre, which must contribute to the state budget,” the SFS described the legal option for trading fuel.


With the legal purchase of fuel, the excise tax is paid immediately. But some companies have been stealing money for years through shady schemes. For example, they buy construction solvents and additives that do not subject to the excise tax. By mixing them, a much more expensive fuel with an increased octane number is obtained. The cost price of one litre of such a dubious product is only UAH 15, although at the gas station we will pay UAH 30 for it. Thus, the shadow company profits from the state, appropriating the excise tax of UAH 7 paid by consumers.

“Our task is to identify illegal gas stations using visual signs, prices and our analytical capabilities. We understand how much oil is traded on the stock exchanges, how much fuel and lubricants are traded for, how much it comes in.  How much I bought, so much I must sell. If this company is registered, it has an income and an expense. We compare and see the discrepancy,” Melnyk explained.

The SFS says that representatives of the legal fuel business are ready to reduce prices for their products. But on the condition that unscrupulous companies disappear from the market.

“The joint efforts of the State Fiscal Service and business are aimed at building an economy, where business earns, pays salaries and enriches the country. In contrast to the “shadow” one, the scheme of our work is simple: the money must be returned to the budget, the malefactors must go to the dock,” Melnyk said.

To recap, the head of the SFS Vadym Melnyk told Kosatka.Media how his service was going to overcome the shadow fuel market in Ukraine, where about 2 million tons of illegal products are sold annually.

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