Brent went up to $84.5 per barrel

Котировки нефти завершили торги понедельника разнонаправленно и растут во вторник. Brent 18 октября подешевела впервые за три сессии, тогда как WTI завершила торги в плюсе, хотя и сократила прирост к концу дня, сообщает «Интерфакс».

Oil quotations finished trading on Monday in different directions and are growing on Tuesday. Brent fell in price on October 18 for the first time in three sessions, while WTI ended trading in positive territory, although it reduced gain by the end of the day, Interfax reports.

By 8:15 am Kyiv time, December Brent futures rose in price at the London ICE Futures exchange by $0.17 (0.20%) to $84.5 per barrel. During the previous trading session, the contract fell by $0.53 (0.6%), to $84.33 per barrel, even though during the session their price rose to $86.04 per barrel, closely approaching the maximum value since September 2018.

November WTI futures rose in price in electronic trading at the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) by $0.27 (0.33%) to $82.71 per barrel. On Monday, WTI rose by $0.16 (0.2%) to $82.44 a barrel, the highest since 2014.

High oil prices increase the likelihood of a decrease in demand for this type of raw material, said Phil Flynn, chief analyst at The Price Futures Group.

OPEC + countries are ramping up production more slowly than expected, while demand for oil and petroleum products will rise as the US prepares to lift travel restrictions and jet fuel consumption will rise, Flynn said.

According to Bloomberg, citing sources in OPEC +, oil production by the organization's countries in September was 15% less than planned, since some of its participants, including Nigeria, Angola and Azerbaijan, were unable to increase production in sufficient volume.

Earlier it was reported that the President of Brazil wants to privatize the oil and gas company Petrobras.

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