Iran is ready to supply oil to Belarus

Iranian Ambassador said that Tehran was ready to negotiate with Minsk on the issue of oil supplies, the NefteRynok reports.

“We are fully prepared to negotiate with the Belarusian side and sell it oil. But this is a purely commercial matter”, he said.

He also said that Iran was always looking for opportunities to sell oil, as it is one of the largest suppliers of raw materials in the world:

“Belarus is a potential buyer. Moreover, it already bought oil from Iran”.

In early January, Russian companies stopped oil supplies to Belarus, the parties could not agree on a price. On January 6, the Belarusian Naftan refinery resumed oil refining from Russia.

At the end of last month, Norway supplied 80 thousand tons of Johan Sverdrup oil to Belarus.

Earlier it was reported that Belarus was negotiating with all participants in the global oil market, including the United States, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, on oil supplies at a world price.

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