Kazakhstan increased oil exports to China

Vice Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan Aset Magauov said that the country was increasing its oil exports to China, Enkorr reports.

“The volume of exports to China has indeed become an interesting direction, given the decline in prices in the European direction and applications from companies have increased. According to our forecasts, the export volume accordingly increased from 50 thousand tons in April to 230 thousand tons in May,” he said.

Mr. Magauov said earlier that Kazakhstan was considering a number of measures to support oil companies. In particular, a package of proposals on measures to support the oil and gas industry has been compiled and is being worked out with the interested state bodies by the Ministry of Energy. This package includes 60 items of tax, environmental and other administrative measures.

Recall that in late March, Kazakhstan lifted the ban on the export of petroleum products outside the country by road. The ban was associated with a low price for gasoline.

In November 2019, Kazakhstan imposed a six-month restriction on the export of gasoline and diesel fuel by road. A ban was introduced to exclude the occurrence of fuel shortages.

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