Kazakhstan bans the imports of gasoline, aviation and diesel fuel until September 1

Kazakhstan introduced a ban until September 1 on the imports of gasoline, aviation and diesel fuel into the country, Interfax reports.

“To ensure the country's energy security, the Ministry of Energy introduces a ban on the imports into the republic by rail, road and pipeline of gasoline, aviation and diesel fuel. This measure is temporary and will be valid until September 1, 2020,” the report said.

According to the Ministry, the stock of petroleum products on the domestic market “is at a fairly high level and, with the receipt of additional volumes of imported fuel, could negatively affect domestic refining.”

“This can lead to a decrease in the volume of petroleum products shipped from Kazakhstani refineries, overstocking of tank farms, as well as all oil depots in the country, and, as a result, to a forced reduction in oil refining, which will lead to a decrease in the production of other valuable types of oil products, such as diesel and aviation fuel,” the Ministry of Energy explained.

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