China decreased Russian oil imports

China reduced Russian oil imports by 7.4% in annual terms over the period from January to April, according to the data of the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China, Kommersant reports.

However, the cost of fuel purchased by Beijing hit $17,11, going up by 50% in four months. 

According to the customs report, Russia ranks second on the list of leading oil suppliers in the country. Saudi Arabia, which sold 30.39 million tonnes of oil worth $20.85 billion to China, hits the top. This is by 3.5% more in the volume and 69.2% in value, followed by Iraq with 18.84 million tonnes worth $12.2 billion, Oman with 14.98 million tonnes worth $9.91 billion and Kuwait with 12.41 million tonnes worth $8.53 billion.

In April alone, Moscow provided Beijing with 6.55 million tonnes of oil worth $4.79 billion. Compared with March, its imports increased by 4% in volume and 59% in value, respectively. 

In 2021, Russian oil imports to China decreased by 4.5% to 79.64 million tons. In contrast, the value of energy purchased by China from Russia increased by 45.5%, to $40.29 billion.

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