A fire occurred at the “Karpatneftekhim” factory (PHOTO, VIDEO)

On January 12, a fire occurred in one of “Karpatneftekhim’s” Llc. floor near Kalush city, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

A fire was stifled on January 13. The cause of the fire is investigating. No casualties.

According the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, there was a jet fire from the pipeline system on an area of ​​about 4 square meters and a height of 15 meters at the site of the fire. The fire occurred in the floor of pyrolysis, compression and separation of the pyrolysis gas production of "Ethylene and polyethylene."

The message about the fire at the “Karpatneftekhim” Llc. factory to the regional department of the State Emergency Service came on January 12 at 21:08.

“Now there is a jet fire of pyrolysis gas. Subdivisions of the State Emergency Service in the region with the help of the carriage hoses carry out cooling of neighboring buildings. 18 units of equipment and about 90 personnel were recruited from the State Emergency Service in the region. No casualties”, was reported in the official statement of the regional department of the State Emergency Service of January 12.

In order to eliminate a fire, pyrolysis gas must burn out in a pipe. To do this, the taps was shut off and buildings near the burning room were cooled.

Earlier, in social networks was information that installation for the production of olefins was burning. People shared videos and photos of the fire. Also, locals reported that they heard several explosions.

As it is known, “Karpatneftekhim” in Kalusha, Ivano-Frankivsk region resumed work after five years of inactivity on June 9, 2018. The launch of the factory became possible due to the fact that in December 2016, the list of raw materials fined a zero excise tax rate in case of further processing was expanded in the Tax Code of Ukraine. Liquefied gases and butane were added to straight-run gasoline and diesel fuel, wrote Business.Censor.

 It was planned that the factory will process from 50 to 70 thousand tons of raw materials, including straight-run gasoline, stable condensates (gas processing products) and almost the entire spectrum of liquefied gases.

Production at “Karpatneftekhim” was stopped in September 2012. The formal reason for it was the “unfavorable situation on the petrochemical market”. Previously, the factory repeatedly noted the existence of problems in the activities due to the state’s debts on the reimbursement of export VAT and dumping of foreign, in particular, American polyvinylchloride producers - one of the main product lines of “Karpatneftekhim”.

 In February 2017, the Russian company "Lukoil" completed the transaction for the sale of 100% ownership in the company LUKOIL Chemical B.V. (Netherlands), which owns the “Karpatneftekhim” petrochemical factory. “Techinservice Limited” bought up to 50% of “Karpatneftekhim” from Lukoil. According to Igor Shchutsky, the Head of “Techinservice”, the entire transaction amounted to $25 million. The second indirect owner of over 50% in “Karpatneftekhim” Llc through the Cyprus Xedrian Holding Ltd was the long-term Lukoil manager in Ukraine Ilham Mamedov.


Source: biz.censor.net.ua

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