Petroleum products must be sold – expert on fuel reserves

According to the State Statistics Service, Ukraine's fuel reserves, in particular, fuel oil and liquefied gas, declined over the year. What are the consequences of this reduction, in particular, for our farmers, Director of the Center for Energy Research Oleksandr Kharchenko explained in his comment for Kosatka.Media.

 This will not affect farmers in any way – if quarantine does not become more stringent and it is not forbidden to import anything. Oil is cheap, oil products must be sold”, he said.

According to the expert, it is normal situations that fuel reserves are used.

“There are seasonal fluctuations – gas storages become empty at the end of the heating season, etc.”, he said.

Oleksandr Kharchenko confirmed – while oil is cheap, everything is enough: “The farmers have many problems – but not with fuel”.

Read more in our infographic: The reserves of almost all types of fuel decreased during the year in Ukraine.

Senior researcher at the Institute of Coal Energy Technologies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Oleksiy Kosyachkov believes that fuel will become cheaper by UAH 2.5-3 per liter

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