Cleaning of pipelines from dirty oil will take 5 monthы – Ukrtransnafta

Ukrtransnafta reported that they do not transfer off-grade oil to Russia due to the lack of technical capability.  Contaminated oil is transferred in batches to European consumers in accordance with the schedule approved by all Druzhba pipeline operators.

“Now the company has released one thread of the Druzhba oil pipeline from oil with a high content of organochlorine compounds, which made it possible to resume transit through the Ukrainian section of the pipeline”, Ukrtransnafta noted.

The company is counting on compensation from the Russian Transneft for damage resulting from the contaminated oil.

“It is about reimbursement of additional costs associated with the performance of non-standard works due to Russian oil with a high content of organochlorine to the Ukrainian oil transmission system”, said the operator of the oil pipelines of Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that a new pollution of oil with organochlorine compounds was recorded on June 19 in the Druzhba pipeline between Belarus and Poland.


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