Opimakh presented the Investment atlas of the subsoil user

The Investment atlas of the subsoil user is a platform where objects for investment will be uploaded, explained Roman Opimakh, head of the State Service for Geology and Subsoil. They will be distributed in 6 baskets – by type of fossil minerals, Kosatka.Media reports .

“Three baskets at the moment already include almost 60 objects for investment, in the field of hydrocarbons, metal and non-metal ores. A place in three more baskets is now vacant – groundwater, combustible solid minerals, precious stones”, said Opimakh.

According to him, there is great hope that a basket of precious stones will receive significant potential through the adoption of legislative changes to legalize amber.

Over the next 2 weeks, the Investment atlas will still be filled with plots. And it will be a permanent system.

From Monday, December 9, everyone will have 2 months to initiate one of the sites proposed in the list, or to nominate the desired site for the next auction. In two months, the finalization of the preparation of lots will take place – the Service will prepare an auction package, receive comments and suggestions from the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection, determine the final cost of the plot and start the auction.

“We expect that in March the first auctions will begin in accordance with a clear schedule for each basket”, said the head of the State Service of Geology and Subsoil.

In the future, interested investors will be able to initiate plots, they will fill out baskets and be submitted to the next auction.

According to Opimakh, there are 22 promising areas of hydrocarbon production in Ukraine with an area of ​​3434 square kilometers. Reserves for C1 + C2 categories: gas – 3.3 billion cubic meters, oil – 3.7 million tons. Resources for category C3: gas – 80.1 billion cubic meters, oil – 30.6 million tons. The location of these areas is Volyn, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zakarpattia, Chernivtsi, Odesa, Sumy, Poltava, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia regions.

There are 6 prospective sites for the extraction of metal ores in Zhytomyr, Kirovohrad, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions. These are manganese, molybdenum, chromium, nickel, cobalt ores, talc-magnesite, copper, ferruginous quartzites, magnetite.

“These proposals have already been conveyed to delegations that fly to Japan and South Korea next week”, Opimah commented.

In the extraction of non-metallic ores, there are 24 promising areas for almost the entire territory of Ukraine. These are, in particular, granites, limestones, quartz sand.

“All this information is available electronically on the website. You can download additional information for each site. There are data on coordinates, estimated resources, preliminary cost, and minimum requirements for software work. There is also a link to the deposit passport and reports, where there is more descriptive information about this site. Companies can attract geologists, study this data and decide if it is interesting for them”, said Opimakh.

He added that the Investment atlas is only part of the government’s “open door” policy of attracting investors to develop the resource potential of our state. The second important element is liberalization to geological information.

“This week we opened a data room physically with geological information about three oil and gas sites, for which a tender has already begun for concluding deals on the distribution of hydrocarbon products. Next week, a virtual hub will be opened, where most of the information will be available remotely”, said the head of the State Service of Geology and Subsoil.

Opimakh called the advertising of all objects for investment the third component of the “open door” policy.

“Next week we are planning a working trip to London to meet with potential investors. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development helps us with this in partnership with the international service company Schlumberger. There will be a meeting with more than 70 investors, where we will talk about the hydrocarbon potential of Ukraine and offer 3 objects, the competition for which has already begun”, said Opimakh.

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