Poland stopped oil transit from Belarus in Germany because of the “risk of a serious industrial accident”

Poland stopped oil transit through the Druzhba pipeline. The Belarusian side received a message from the company PERN (the operator of the Polish section of Druzhba pipeline).

“We received a letter from PERN that refineries in Poland and Germany cannot accept and process oil with such indicators as it currently arrives at the Adamovo delivery point. At 10 p.m. Warsaw time (11 p.m. Minsk time) on April 24, they suspended the selection, i.e. stopped oil transit to Poland at the Adamovo for an indefinite period”, said Andriy Veriho, chief engineer of Gomeltransneft Druzhba, to BELTA.

As a result, Gomeltransneft Druzhba stopped transit along the western direction:

“In the west the pipeline stopped from Mozyr, the valves are closed. The supply of oil through another branch is maintained in the volumes necessary for transit to Ukraine, about 40 thousand tons per day”, the engineer informed.

It is also noted in a message of the Polish operator of Druzhba that the continued supply of oil with high chloride content creates the risk of a serious industrial accident for both the refinery and the PERN logistics system. As is known, expensive equipment at the Mozyr refinery was damaged due to poor-quality oil. Both Belarusian refineries – Mozyr Oil Refinery and Naftan are forced to reduce capacity utilization.

“Belneftekhim negotiates with Transneft and insist on the earliest possible resolution of the Belarusian refinery and pipeline with oil corresponding to the standard. However, the Russian side is delaying the adoption of operational measures, despite promises to resolve the issue within 2-3 days”, the Belarusian concern said. “Our neighbors did not wait, and due to the refusal of all refineries to accept and process oil with a high content of organochlorine polish operator PERN stopped to accept oil. This entails a loss of reputation of Russian oil suppliers to Europe and, unfortunately, complicates the work of the Belarusian pipeline transport and the Mozyr Oil Refinery”.

As it was reported that Belarus has suspended deliveries of petroleum products to Ukraine, it will be needed to relieve 150-180 thousand tons per month, experts say.  

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