Poland resumed pumping Russian oil through the Druzhba pipeline

Poland resumed pumping Russian oil via the Druzhba pipeline.

Finally, the system will be launched in two stages.  The first stage will last until the end of June, the raw materials will be supplied “to a lesser extent, necessary for PERN clients”.

The Head of the PKN ORLEN board, Daniel Obaytek, confirmed that clean oil had started to flow to the east from Poland.

“Russia... recognized its mistake, recognized the right to our claims and... the assessment of the losses we suffered.  This process continues, as only today clean oil is flowing through this single thread of the pipeline”, said the President of PKN ORLEN.

The Russian company Transneft stated that the net oil from Russia via the Druzhba pipeline began to flow to Poland on the morning of June 9, and oil reception at the Adamova Zastava point began at 7:11.

Russia told the compensation scheme to companies for the delivery of “dirty” oil through the Druzhba pipeline: consumers are expected to incur losses associated with the need to store contaminated oil to Russian oil companies, and they will put them to Transneft.

Recall that Poland stopped the transit of oil from Belarus to Germany because of the “risk of a serious industrial accident”.  In a message to the operator of the Polish section of Druzhba, it was noted that the continuation of the supply of oil with high chloride content poses the risk of a serious industrial accident for both the refinery and the PERN logistics system.  As it is known, due to poor quality oil, expensive equipment was damaged at the Mozyr Oil Refinery.

Source: epravda.com.ua

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