Polish operator supplied oil quality control system from Druzhba pipeline

The Polish oil pipeline operator PERN has completed the upgrade work of the oil billing and computational node in Adamovo. This is reported by NefeteRynok.

Due to the work done, the company will be able to obtain more reliable measurements of the quantity and quality of crude oil coming to Poland from the east. Upgrade work was carried out for the first time since 2002. The upgraded node will improve the quality and reliability of measurements, as well as the calculations between PERN and Transneft.

“We completed the task in accordance with the plan, despite the obstacles caused by the suspension of oil imports through Adamovo base in April 2019 due to chloride oil pollution, which significantly affected the possibility of timely implementation of this project”, said Tadeusz Zwierzyński, PERN’s Vice President.

As reported earlier, in June Poland resumed pumping Russian oil through Druzhba after oil with a high chloride content entered the pipeline.

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