US Department of Energy spokesman to work in Saudi Arabia on oil issues

Senior Advisor to the US Secretary of Energy Victoria Coates will work on a permanent basis in Saudi Arabia, according to NefteRynok, citing Bloomberg.

This decision was made in Washington amid ongoing disputes between the Russian Federation and Saudi Arabia over oil prices.

The exact time of her arrival to Saudi Arabia is not known yet, because air traffic between the countries is limited due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Bloomberg emphasizes that Coates’s work in Saudi Arabia “will give the US an additional presence in the region in a situation where a “war” over oil prices continues between Saudi Arabia and Russia."

To recap, the fall in oil prices began after Russia did not agree with the proposal of Saudi Arabia to further reduce oil production within the OPEC. Saudi Arabia decided to respond to this with a price war — a Middle Eastern exporter offered large volumes of oil to European consumers at reduced prices.

Earlier it was reported that experts told about a possible decrease in the price of Brent crude oil below $20 per barrel.

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