The work of drilling rigs continues to stop around the globe

During April 2020, the number of drilling rigs for oil and gas globally decreased by 450 units compared to March. According to the oil service company Baker Hughes, the number of installations fell by 23% to 1,514 units. It is reported by

In April 2019, there were 2140 drilling rigs in the world. Over the year, their number decreased by 29% or 626 units.

The number of installations decreased by 26.6% to 566 units in the USA for a month according to Baker Hughes. In Canada, the number decreased by four times compared to March – from 100 to 33, in Europe – by 11 to 112. In the Middle East, the number decreased by 8, to 240, in Latin America – by 80, to 89, and in Asia-Pacific region – by 40, to 191, in Africa – by 5, to 103.

Diamond Offshore Drilling, an offshore oilfield services and maintenance company in the United States, recently requested the bankruptcy protection provided by the United States Bankruptcy Code.

Recall that the world's largest oil and gas companies reduced spending by 22% in 2020 after the fall in oil prices.

Earlier it was reported that due to the lack of space in oil storage facilities on land, there were almost 30 oil tankers off the coast of California.

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