Russia imposes restrictions on oil exports to Ukraine

Russian government imposes restrictions on Russian oil and petroleum products exports in Ukraine. It was announced on Thursday at the meeting of government by Dmytro Medvedev talking about restrictions imposed by Ukraine for Russia.

 “The list of those goods that from June 1 of the current year can be exported to Ukraine only on the basis of separate permits is determined. This category includes the products of the fuel and energy complex, including coal and oil, and petroleum products”, he noted.

The Russian Federation is also expanding the ban on some Ukrainian goods.

 “I signed a government decree on this topic. We are expanding the ban on the import into Russia of certain types of goods, this measure will affect Ukrainian engineering products, light industry, metalworking, the cost of which for the last year amounted to almost $250 million”, Medvedev said.

The Prime Minister specified that some goods can be imported into Ukraine only after special permission.



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