Russian missile strikes damaged 15 oil depots

15 Ukrainian oil depots have been destroyed or damaged by Russian missile attacks, the Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Energy, Housing and Utilities Services Andrii Herus said at a briefing on May 5.

According to him, the demolition of oil depots has resulted in a fuel shortage in Ukraine, along with the shutdown of the Kremenchuk oil refinery that has been recently shelled. 

The temporary lack of fuel is also connected to the market reorientation to fuel supplies from Europe since there are no such supplies from Russia and Belarus, and the enemy is blocking fuel supplies by sea. 

“The market is experiencing certain logistical difficulties relating to the availability of fuel trucks, tanks, and movement of this transport. The process of adjustment is ongoing, the market is being reformatted,” Herus specified. 

He predicts that in the near future "the market will adjust and deliveries from Europe will become more rhythmic." 

The government is considering further market liberalization to overcome the deficit of fuel.

“The amount of fuel available three weeks ago remains the same. The number of people who want their car to be filled up, the number of consumers who want to immediately buy gasoline in reserve, has changed ... This has led to queues: a car driver buys ten litres at several gas stations,” he said.

The politician called such behaviour unreasonable and assured the situation would not get worse. 

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