Saudi Arabia outranked Russia in oil supplies to China

Saudi Arabia became China's largest oil supplier in September, Angi reports. Brazil unexpectedly took third place.

The PRC purchased 7.78 million tons (1.89 million bpd) of Saudi oil last month, up from 5.26 million tons or 1.24 million barrels per day, in August. Oil imports from Russia amounted to 7.48 million tons (1.82 million bpd) against 5.8 million tons or 1.37 million bpd, a month earlier.

Oil imports from Brazil increased to 4.49 million tons from 4.15 million tons in August, from the United States it reached a record of 3.9 million tons (2.23 million tons).

China has increased oil imports by 13% in the first nine months of this year. In particular, imports from Russia increased by 16% to 64.62 million tons, from Saudi Arabia – by 6.5% to 63.57 million tons, from Brazil – by 15.6% to 33.69 million tons.

As reported, the United States cut oil imports from Saudi Arabia by almost 50% in September.

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