Shebelynka Refinery Plant plans to double gasoline production until 2025

Shebelynka Refinery Plant (Šhebel) plans to increase the production of Euro-5 gasoline by 156 thousand tons – up to 300 thousand tons by 2025, the press service reports.

“It is planned to increase fuel production at Šhebel through the implementation of the long-awaited project for the construction of hydroisomerization. Also, the plant will replace technological furnaces with more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly ones,” the message says.

The design capacity of the new isomerization unit will be 150 thousand tons per year. The implementation of this project will allow not only to increase the production of gasoline but also to significantly reduce the purchase of the MTBE component.

The tenders for the isomerization unit project are planned for the 3-4th quarter of 2022, for the purchase of three technological furnaces – for the 3-4th quarter of 2021.

The total volume of gasoline production at the refinery at the end of 2020 was 140 thousand tons and at the end of the first half of 2021 – 70 thousand tons.


Shebelynka Refinery Plant (Šhebel) is one of two currently operating oil refineries in Ukraine. Its capacity is about 500 thousand tons of raw materials processing per year. Since 2018, the fuel produced by the refinery has been sold on the market under the Šhebel trademark. The range of products includes Šhebel 92, Šhebel 95 gasoline, Šhebel DT diesel fuel and Šhebel LPG.

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