The United States reduced oil imports from Saudi Arabia by almost 50%

Oil imports to the United States from Saudi Arabia for the week ended September 4 fell by 49%, to 100 thousand barrels per day. That was the minimum for at least the previous 10 years, Angi reports.

The Office has provided such data since June 2010. During this period, the current volume of imports has become minimal. The maximum import volume, 2.047 million barrels of oil per day, was recorded in the first week of 2012.

Last week, the volume of imported oil from Saudi Arabia amounted to 197 thousand barrels per day. Now the indicator, which has decreased by 97 thousand barrels per day, or 49% over the week, has become the minimum during the period of its regular publications. On a monthly basis, US oil imports from Saudi Arabia fell by almost three times.

Also, according to monthly data from the EIA, Saudi Arabia in June ranked third in terms of oil exports to the United States, having delivered 36.3 million barrels.

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