A tanker with crude products for Karpatnaftochim arrived at the port of Chernomorsk

The Histria Atlas tanker arrived at the Black Sea port (formerly Ilchevsk) with 30 thousand tons of straight-run gasoline (naphtha) for the Karpatnaftochim petrochemical enterprise (Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk region), Enkorr reports.

The vessel Histria Atlas was loaded at the port of Burgas (Bulgaria) on August 11.

On the evening of August 12, it moored near the pier of the Black Sea Fuel Terminal.  The supply of raw materials directly to the enterprise will be carried out by rail.

This is the second supply of naphtha to the terminal in Chernomorsk, before that Karpatnaftochim received raw materials through the Odessa Sea Port.

Import through Chernomorsk began in July 2019.  The A-95 Consulting Group reported that last month, about 10 thousand tons of naphtha were delivered to the Karpatnaftochim via the Black Sea Fuel Terminal.

In July, the petrochemical enterprise received 46 thousand tons of straight-run gasoline by rail: 31 thousand tons through the port of Odessa, 10 thousand tons through Chernomorsk and 5 thousand tons from Belarus.

Since June 2019, Karpatnaftochim stopped importing straight-run gasoline from Russia, which used to be the main source of raw material supplies.  This is due to the Russian sanctions against Ukraine.

After that, the bulk of naphtha began to arrive from Bulgaria by sea, the rest continues to be imported from Belarus. 

In total, Karpatnaftochim monthly needs 40-50 thousand tons of naphtha.  For 12 months of 2018, the plant received about 493 thousand tons of naphtha and 102 thousand tons of butane, for 6 months of 2019 – 222 thousand tons of naphtha and 47 thousand tons of butane.

Earlier it was reported that Karpatnaftochim had resumed work after a fire

Karpatnaftochim is one of the largest petrochemical enterprises in Eastern Europe.  Production at Karpatnaftochim was discontinued in September 2012.  The formal reason for this step was the “unfavorable situation in the market of petrochemical products”.

In February 2017, the Russian company Lukoil completed the sale of a 100% ownership interest in LUKOIL Chemical B.V. (Netherlands), which owns Karpatnaftochim petrochemical plant. Techinservice Limited bought up to 50% of Karpatnaftochim from Lukoil.  According to Head of Techinservice Ihor Shchutsky, the total transaction amounted to $25 million. The long-term manager of Lukoil in Ukraine Ilham Mamedov became the second indirect owner of more than 50% in Karpatnaftochim LLC through the Cyprus Xedrian Holding Ltd.



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