Fuel crisis: the share of counterfeit petrol at gas stations has increased - media

Due to the fuel crisis, the share of counterfeit products has increased significantly at gas stations. UBR reports

“In 2-3 months, we will not be able to drive cars if we use fuel, which is bred with an unknown substance,” Oleh Ruban, head of the Main Directorate of the State Consumer Service in Kyiv, explained. 

According to him, mini-refineries replace a significant part of quality fuel. 

“Sometimes you can buy fuel of such a quality that you can’t even call it petrol, it’s just a combustible substance that leads to customers' need to pay a lot to fix their cars,” the expert mentioned. 

Yurii Chornobryvets, director of the Institute of Consumer Expertise, says that the main reason for the increase in the share of low-quality petrol in Ukraine is the work permit for illegal mini-refineries. They “produce alcohol and component fuel under artisanal conditions.” 

Chornobryvets says that the share of counterfeit fuel on the market is high - at least up to 40%. Petrol is forged more often than diesel fuel, the ratio is about 70 to 30%. 

According to him, this assessment is not supported by research and is "subjective" in nature. The expert claims that the worst situation occured in the regions and settlements remote from the regional centres. 

You can protect your car from refuelling with low-quality fuel by using the services of large gas station chains, while avoiding nameless gas stations and small networks in the regions - they are the main sales channel for counterfeit goods, experts say. 

But the illegal sale of fuel at illegal gas stations has intensified even in Kyiv against the backdrop of a shortage of petrol, Chornobryvets notes. 

“I know several spots in Kyiv where such fuel is sold - even if it costs 70 hryvnias per litre, it is always there,” Chornobryvets explained

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