Turkey detains Russian tankers carrying oil

Turkey changed the maritime rules through the Bosporus and The Dardanelles. It led to delays in the supply of oil from Russia to Europe.

As of February 6, 55 ships are waiting for permits, including 26 Aframax tankers and 21Suezmax tankers, in the Turkish gullets. Totally, 41 they are carrying 41 million barrels of oil. Later, 4 more tankers carrying 2.3 million barrels stuck in a “traffic jam”.

In the summer 2018, the passage of the gullet took 1-2 days, now the average waiting time at the exit from the Black Sea is 16 days, and at the entrance – 15.

As a result of such delays, every tanker carrying Russian oil, which then returns to harbor, spend a month of waiting near the border of Turkish waters.

Delays are connected with the tightening of navigation rules in Turkey in 2018. The list of ships, which have to use a tag in gullets, was expanded.

Novorossiysk harbor, which sells about 14% of all oil (about 720 thousand barrels/day) for export, runs behind the schedule because of tardy tankers.

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