Ukrnafta reduced oil and gas production in September

Ukrnafta's production in September amounted to 119.7 thousand tonnes of oil and condensate, the press service reports.

According to the operational data, in September 2020, Ukrnafta produced 119.7 thousand tonnes of oil and condensate, and 89,3 million m3 of gas, respectively, is 3.2% and 5.9% lower than in the same period in 2019. In September, average daily hydrocarbon production amounted to 3.99 thousand tons of oil and condensate and 2.98 million m3 of gas, slightly lower than in the same period last year.

Due to the unresolved issue of "historical" tax debts, the company's investment opportunities are still limited. The focus is on operational efficiency when working with the existing well stock: transition to new productive horizons, optimization of capital and current repairs of prospective wells, replacement of critically worn-out equipment. In September, Ukrnafta completed capital workovers at 10 wells, performed 1 production stimulation operation, and brought 9 wells out of inactivity. 

As reported, Ukrnafta reduced production in August.

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