“Ukrnafta” is outraged by the fact that the subsoil became a "bargaining chip" in corruption schemes, and demands to stop the arbitrariness in the Arkon

Employees of PJSC “Ukrnafta” report that central executive authorities prevent the extension and obtaining special licenses for the use of subsoil. The official statement is on the website of the enterprise.

“Ukrnafta” connects such actions with the fact that the state enterprise the Public Service of Geology and Subsoil acts in the interests of unknown companies, transferring to them objects of use for nothing and without the auction.

“Valuable deposits of Ukraine are transferred without the auction to companies associated with the names of members of the Supreme Council of Justice, an authority that, unfortunately, only on paper have to ensure the independence of the judiciary and, which, in essence, to satisfy the personal interests of individuals, deprives “Ukrnafta” and its labor collective the right to a fair trial,” the statement says.

 For more than three years, “Ukrnafta” has been suing for subsoil use in the Svistunkivsk-Chervonolutska gas field. The private firm LLC “Arkona Gaz-Energia”, which journalists associate with the interests of one of the members of the Supreme Council of Justice, has been granted the right to develop the Svistunkivsk-Chervonolutska field. This procedure was carried out with violations and without an auction.

“Ukrnafta” is trying, through the courts, to protect its legitimate right to carry out mining activities at the Chervonolutska field. At the same time, judges considering the requirements of “Ukrnafta”, fearing for their professional and career position, do not rush to make legitimate decisions, are dependent because of the Supreme Council of Justice pressure and its individual members”, the company said.

The loss of a mining license for the “Ukrnafta” enterprise will lead to the elimination of jobs, a huge loss to the company, its shareholders and the state.



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