Ukrnafta paid tax debts in the amount of 1.5 billion UAH

During last 6 months PJSC Ukrnafta began to pay its debt and paid 1.5 billion UAH. Opendatabot, a platform for work with open data, announces it.

Ukrnafta has been tax dodging leader for many years. Its tax debt exceeds debts of 19 largest debtors in this list.

 “At an extraordinary meeting on March 28, Ukrnafta shareholders made a decision that should lead to the repayment of overdue tax debt through the acquisition of 4 billion cubic meters of gas by Naftogaz of Ukraine. Ukrnafta will allocate money to pay the debt”, it is said in the company.

In total, as of March 2019, the total tax debt amounts to 82.3 billion UAH at the national level and 11.2 billion at the local level.

For this year, the total amount of debt has increased by almost 10 billion UAH. For comparison, in March 2018, the tax debt of all Ukrainian companies to the state budget was 74.3 billion UAH, to local budgets – 10.5 billion UAH.

It was reported earlier that Ukrnafta sued Russia for $44.4 million for seized assets in Crimea.

Source: epravda


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