Ukrtransnafta determined the date of negotiations with the Russian Federation on oil from the Druzhba pipeline

JSC Ukrtransnafta will hold negotiations with Russia on the localization of off-market oil from the Druzhba pipeline on May 14. It was announced by the first deputy general director of JSC Ukrtransnafta Andriy Pasishnik.

“In the Odesa-Kremenchuk oil pipeline is Azeri oil, in The Druzhba oil pipeline is Urals oil ... In order to resume transit to the EU, at least one thread of The Druzhba must be freed from off-grade oil”, Pasishnik noted.

He added that the place of temporary storage of off-grade oil “is the subject of negotiations with the Russian Federation, the next round of which will take place on May 14”.

Pasishnik also stressed that the situation with oil in the Druzhba “took place during Easter and May holidays, therefore, difficulties arose with the participation of government agencies in solving this problem”.

Recall that the Belarusian company Belneftekhim announced the deterioration in the quality of Urals export oil coming through the pipeline from Russia on April 19 for the first time. Separate tests showed excess of permissible norm of chlorides in 100 times. On April 22, the Belarusian concern Belneftekhim limited the export of gasoline and diesel.

On the evening of April 24, Poland stopped the transit of oil from Belarus to Germany because of the “risk of a serious industrial accident”. The next day (April 25), Ukrtransnafta also forcedly suspended the work of the Druzhba pipeline. Due to this situation, about 5 million tons of “dirty” oil accumulated in the Druzhba pipeline.

On May 6, a new batch of Russian oil arrived at the Mozyr Oil Refinery. A sampling was carried out, which confirmed the compliance of the raw materials with the standards.

Source: pravda


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