Ukrtransnafta reduced oil transit in 2020

Ukrtransnafta reports that the total volume of transported oil based on the results of 2020 is 15.7 million tons, which is 1.5% more compared to 2019.

In particular, the volume of oil transportation to Ukrainian refineries increased by 8.6% (compared to 2019) to 2.6 million tons, and transit decreased by 0.4% to 13.1 million tons (54.5 thousand tons less compared to 2019).

In 2020, Ukrtransnafta JSC exported 79.9 thousand tons of oil to the Republic of Belarus under the sale and purchase agreement concluded with BNK (UK) Limited.

The total oil volume transported in December 2020 decreased by 14% compared to December 2019, to 1.2 million tons. In particular, the transit of oil by pipelines through the territory of Ukraine decreased by 15.9% to 974.6 thousand tons. In December, the volume of oil transportation to Ukrainian refineries decreased by 3.3% to 200 thousand tons of oil.

“The consumption of petroleum products has significantly decreased globally due to the COVID-19 pandemic and, accordingly, the oil demand. However, we managed to keep the volumes of oil transit through Ukraine practically at the level of previous years. To load the oil transportation system, we opened a route for the transit of oil from the Black Sea to Belarus under an agreement concluded with BNK (UK) Limited in the spring of 2020. This transaction allowed to additionally load the capacities of Pivdennyi Oil Terminal, owned by Ukrtransnafta,” said Mykola Havrylenko, director of the Naftogaz Oil division.

To recap, Ukraine and Belarus have extended the oil transit agreement for 2021.

As reported, the SSU revealed embezzlement during the reconstruction of the main oil pipeline "Ukrtransnafta".

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