There was an explosion at a petrochemical plant in Spain

In Spain, the province of Catalonia, there was an explosion at a petrochemical enterprise, one person died, six were injured. It is reported by TSN with reference to EL Economista.

In the evening of January 14, eyewitnesses saw a flame and a column of smoke and heard a loud sound of an explosion.

According to preliminary information, a person died as a result of the destruction of a building nearby. The blast wave was felt by residents of several nearby towns. The regional police and rescue services deployed all personnel to the scene and disaster relief.

People near the enterprise were advised not to go outside and not to open windows because of the possibility of harmful substances getting into the air.

The causes of the explosion, the extent of the destruction and possible consequences are not yet known.

As reported, there had been an explosion at the TPC Group petrochemical plant in Texas.

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