In Italy, an explosion occurred at the Eni refinery

An explosion occurred this morning at 6.35 am at the Eni refinery in Sannazzaro de 'Burgondi in the province of Pavia. A column of smoke has risen from the place. On-site fire brigade internal anti-fire squads, police forces and ATS technicians to start air monitoring, Tellerreport reports.

According to what has been learned the explosion followed by the flames has developed in the island 7 of the refinery. On its website the City states that "the alarm is coming back, no injuries, everything under control".

"At about 6.35 am - we read - we heard a loud roar in the Refinery. We activated the internal municipal procedures (PEC). The ENI internal alarm was activated and is now returning. No injuries, everything under control . We will keep you posted".

Two other accidents involving fires and columns of smoke occurred in recent years at the Eni refinery in Sannazzaro dè Burgondi. On December 1, 2016, an explosion caused a "fireball in the sky" and devastated the East facility. As witnesses described, there was no one wounded except a slightly intoxicated worker and the population was ordered to keep the windows closed due to of the high column of smoke caused by the flames. Eni declared the following day that the air was not polluted, writes.

Another incident occurred after just over two months, 5 February 2017. The fire, less serious than the previous one, was tamed by the internal service fire brigade and on that occasion there were no injuries either.

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