Kazakhstan may suspend production at the field due to Covid-19

In Kazakhstan, the Tengiz field has seen an increase in the number of coronavirus-infected employees, NefteRynok reports.

The chief sanitary doctor of Kazakhstan, Aizhan Esmagambetova, reported that the growth of infected people increased at the oil refinery in Chimkent and at the Kazakhmys mine.

“There is an increase in the incidence at the Tengiz field, where 935 cases are registered today,” the doctor said at a briefing in Nur-Sultan on Wednesday.

Shymkent also recorded a group incidence in PetroKazakhstan Oil Products – 101 cases among employees, 23 cases from contracting organizations, and among cases of contact already 69 cases were recorded at home, she added.

Also, according to Esmagambetova, 34 cases of COVID-19 were registered in one of the mines of the Kazakhmys corporation in the Karaganda region.

She emphasized that it is necessary to ensure control over the implementation of work aimed at reducing the incidence in Tengiz, as this could lead to the forced closure of the enterprise.

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