The work of an oil field was stopped in Libya due to Covid-19

Due to the fact that a foreign employee was tested positive for coronavirus, the largest oil field in Libya – Sharara, completely ceases operations, Enkorr reports.

The operator is evacuating all personnel as a foreign employee was tested positive for coronavirus after contact with representatives of an organization known as the Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG).

Oil production on the Sharara field was stopped in January when armed groups connected with the Libyan National Army (LNA) of Eastern Libyan leader General Khalifa Haftar took over the country's terminals and oil fields.

"On August 30, one of the foreign employees working in the field was tested positive for coronavirus after contacting PFG members who ignore measures to fight COVID-19,” National Oil Corporation of Libya said in a statement.

In early June, NOC (National Oil Corporation of Libya) resumed production on the field with a capacity of 300 thousand barrels per day. However, a day later, the field was closed again after LNA officials had ordered personnel to stop working.

To recap, Libyan refinery was halted in February. The Libyan National Army began blocking oil facilities.

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