The NSDC shows how to track subsoil use online

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksii Danilov presented an open system for monitoring state subsoil, Ukrinform reports.

Thanks to the system, it is possible to track subsoil owners, as well as information on production and rent payments.

In total, 3070 special licenses for the use of subsoil have been issued in Ukraine, of which 581 belong to the state.

Danilov also mentioned that payments are going to be made due to the proceeds from the use of subsoil, which are suggested to be introduced by Zelensky's draft law on an economic passport.

Besides, the NSDC explained that the basis of the system is GIS Data, where information on special licenses for the subsoil use, the ultimate beneficial owners and founders of companies that are owners of special licenses, the conditions for issuance and the history of status changes, the territory of the location of subsurface resources, production are presented and automatically updated for the last year and the entire period of validity of the licenses, mineral deposits, oil and gas wells, the accrued rent for the special permit and the payment of rent.

The integrated data provided by the State Service of Geology and Subsoil, the State Tax Service and the Ministry of Justice are updated automatically.

To recap, the Ministry of Energy presented the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative portal.

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