Vodafone launches a service that helps to find fuel

Vodafone Ukraine has launched a free service that helps people find fuel in their neighbourhood called "De Palne", the press service of the company reports

To find out where you can fill up your car nearby, you should send an SMS to the short number 225. Depending on what fuel is needed, you type the proper number in the text:

1 - gas; 

2 - gasoline; 

3 - diesel fuel. 

Vodafone finds the closest gas station closest to the customer with the fuel needed and notifies its availability. A user receives an SMS saying “The fuel has been found” and the address of the filling station. 

If the tank is already full, you can turn the service off by sending an SMS “STOP” to the same number. Until you do so, the service will send you notifications, but no more than three times a day. 

You can only choose one type of fuel at a time if you send several SMS, Vodafone will notify you according to the last request. 

The service uses data via an external API from a web developer from Kropyvnytskyi Roman Mnohyi, who created the PetrolAlertUA Telegram bot that notifies if there is fuel at gas stations.

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